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How much does a marketing video cost? - Cactus Video

Online marketing videos are one of the best ways to tell your customers everything they need to know about your business, organisation, startup or website in only a few minutes.

One question we always get asked is ‘How much does a marketing or promo video cost?’

That’s a good question, but depending on the type of video being produced, it’s a different answer every time.

We thought it would be useful to explain how the video production process works, and how different aspects of video production can affect the overall cost of producing startup video. So here goes:

The cost of video production depends on these main factors:

  • Video concept planning
  • How many production crew members are needed? DOP / Director / Camera operators / Producer / Sound engineer / Lighting engineer / Drivers / Actors / Presenters / Post production team..
  • How much equipment is needed for the shoot? Cameras / Lighting / Audio / Tripods / Stabilizers / Rigs and more
  • Logistics for the shoot, including locations, transport and actors
  • How long for post production? One minute of video can take weeks for editing, colour grading, motion graphics and animation, sound engineering, rendering, uploading, and making final revisions.

The 10 stage process for producing, filming and editing a marketing video:

  • Stage 1: Meet with the client, research and fully understand the business, organisation or startup
  • Stage 2: Create a unique video concept and write a script
  • Stage 3: Post production planning
  • Stage 4: Locations research / Equipment check / Logistics planning
  • Stage 5: Actors research
  • Stage 6: Video shoot
  • Stage 7: Post production / Editing / Colour grading / Motion graphics & animation
  • Stage 8: Sound engineering
  • Stage 9: Video to the client
  • Stage 10: Final revisions and delivery of final video

We hope the above gives you some insight into the production process for a marketing or promo video.

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